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All About Cakes

Traditional Fruit cake

I make my fruit cakes the old fashioned way by hand using fresh, top-quality ingredients and a very special recipe that never ceases to tantalize taste buds. My fruit cakes are made three to four months before the wedding, which gives the cake enough time to mature so they are perfect for your wedding day!

Sponge cakes!

Light and filling, sponge cakes  with a filling of your choice. These are for those of you who don’t like the depth of fruit. All my sponge cakes are baked a few days before the day so as not to lose freshness. Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate, Coffee and Orange are the flavours available making sponge the versatile choice.

Madeira cakes!

You can choose from Vanilla, orange and lemon for this firm based sponge alternative!

Carrot Cake

A lighter alternative to a rich fruit cake

Cider Apple Cake

Another light alternative to rich fruit cake.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

These are similar to chocolate sponge but have a much denser texture and are typically coated in creamy white, milk, or plain Belgian chocolate ganache, finished by the addition of white, plain or milk Belgian chocolate cigarillos.

Cup Cake

Individual cakes

These include sponge cupcakes topped or dipped in fondant icing, icing or butter cream, or mini fruit or sponge cakes individually layered and covered in sugar paste. All cakes can be individually decorated on request.

Chocolate Brownies

Beautifully sweet rich and sticky individual cakes for the chocoholics among us!

Special dietary cakes can be made on request so that no-one misses out on the day.

For more details please take a look at my price guide.

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